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Aug 1, 2019

Big episode today, folks! In the news we talk about Ektachrome, and party fouls...and since we're a comic book podcast, we also talk about comic related news. Quizzes! We have on arch-enemy, or best friend, Jon from Married With Comics and the Rod Pod to talk about the new X-Men comic book, House of X!


Best of all,...

Jul 10, 2019

It's not really a new episode. It's more of a Backpage style episode where Barbara watches Tim Burton's 1989 Batman movie for the very first time! Barbara hates super hero movies. She hates blockbusters. I think we all know where this is going....or is it?


Plus we do news. That's about it.


We talk a LOT about Batman...

Jun 13, 2019

A big double stuffed episode! Barbara and Bob welcome our incredible guests, Ed Kuehnel & Matt Entin of Invasion From Planet Wrsteltopia, one of our favorite books of the year! Plus! Barbara reads JLA vs. Avengers as a punishment for losing darts. Oh yes, we also bring you the latest comic book news, as well as our...

Jun 6, 2019

If this is your first download from us, don't listen! The backpage is just a bonus episode of our show!


It's a self indulgent episode about our own podcast. In this issue, I'm joined by Barbara, and together we listen through a number of early issues, and we talk about why they're being removed from our feed. Plus, we...

May 29, 2019

Barbara reads her first issue of Justice League of America...and it JLA: Detroit. What she finds may shock you. Plus! Martin Gray and Dr. Bobb compete in the first round of the Gal Walks Trivia Championship of 2019! This one is so good, folks!!